The Unyielding Struggle of a Government Whistleblower

In an era where government transparency is crucial, the role of a government whistleblower is to serve as a beacon of truth amidst obfuscation. My own experience as a government whistleblower, Ricardo Finey, which is chronicled on, underscores the adversity one may face from the very system that’s supposed to embody integrity and accountability.

My Stand Against Government Indifference

My journey as a government whistleblower began with uncovering and presenting evidence of misconduct within the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) to city officials, including Mayor Rick Blangiardi. Despite the gravity of my findings, my plea for corrective action was met with dismissal and avoidance.

Stonewalled by Representatives

I reached out to our elected champions of democracy, Congressman Ed Case and Senator Brian Schatz, hoping for intervention. Congressman Case did not respond, while an aide for Senator Schatz expressed a sentiment that revealed a troubling disconnect: “the FBI doesn’t listen at us.” The silence from these officials was disheartening.

Cold Shoulders at the State Level

The indifference continued at the state level. My efforts to engage Hawaii State Attorney General Holly Lopez were futile; even with a strong case presented, my request for accountability was ignored.

The Federal Stonewall

As a government whistleblower, I confronted not only local but also federal entities. A letter sent on September 3, 2020, highlighted the FBI’s failure to respond to my IC3 cybercrime complaints. The lackluster reaction from the DOJ, DOD, and US Army pointed to what seemed like an interagency effort to sidestep the issues I raised.

Cyber Attacks as a Silencing Tool

The persistent cyber attacks I faced signal more than just personal harassment; they suggest a concerted effort by knowledgeable entities to silence a government whistleblower. This is not only an attack on an individual but an affront to the principles of democracy.

The Ongoing Fight for Justice

The story of my struggle as a government whistleblower continues and serves as a sobering reminder of the systemic barriers faced when challenging misconduct within our institutions. It’s a narrative that compels us to question the effectiveness of our democratic safeguards and the resolve of our public servants.

As both the author and protagonist of this saga, I remain steadfast in my commitment to exposing the truth. My journey as a government whistleblower is far from its conclusion, and it calls upon the collective conscience of our society to demand accountability and transparency from our government.

Ricardo Finey is a persistent government whistleblower facing significant opposition from various governmental levels. His unwavering pursuit of justice and transparency demonstrates his dedication to holding those in power accountable.


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