Exposing Deep State Corruption and Collusion

I’m a Federal Whistle Blower Suffering Retribution From The DOJ, DOD, FBI, and Honolulu Police Department


These are the Issues I'm Facing

– Corrupt players in collusion know and condone nation-state cyber attacks against me.

– My phones and computers blocked from contacting lawyers, whistle blower agencies, all media.

– Extortion attempts/Identity theft/Illegal on and offline surveillance/Cellphone wiretapping.

– DOJ/FBI and HPD ignored more than 150 detailed cyber crime reports and notifications.

– Crime evidence sent to GOP House and RNC via UPS, FedEx, USPS Registered Mail: ALL STOLEN

– Cyber criminals block me from contacting lawyers, whistle blower agencies, all media.

– Retribution for trying with others to expose US Army officer’s hidden abuse and death.

Attorney Alina Habba -
Radio Host Dennis Prager

About Stolen Identity …

This link contains proof of identity theft and extortion attempts involving Attorney Alina Habba and Radio Host Dennis Prager. Key evidence includes:

  • Stolen Identity Incidents
  • Facebook Messenger Posts
  • Alleged Facebook Friends
Atty Alina Habba (Left), Dennis Prager (Right)
Atty Alina Habba (Left), Radio Host Dennis Prager (Right)

Cyber Criminals Blocked Me on X (phillip aeros) and TruthSocial (Ricard0_Finney136)!!

Shadow Banning

This link contains proof that cybercriminals have shadow banned my X and TruthSocial accounts. Evidence follows:

This correspondence is from Mr. Ricardo A. Finney, a resident of Kapolei, Hawaii. ​

I am a disabled US Air Force veteran, a targeted federal whistle blower, and a cyber crime victim. 

Please investigate collusion between the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the US Army, the Federal Bureau of Investigation IC3 Cyber Crime Division, and the Honolulu Police Department Criminal Investigation Division (CID).

 Each agency colluded to keep the federal whistle blowing I and others are involved in. The whistle blowing involves the abuse and mysterious death of a US Army soldier and the nation-state level cyber attacks against me in retaliation. The desire of the perpetrators is to keep all the evil events that have harmed me and others quiet and hidden.

DOJ, DOD, FBI Whistle Blower Cover Up Hidden From President Trump and Staff

On September 3, 2020 I sent a letter to Department of Justice Attorney General Barr explaining my circumstances and the reason for the whistle blowing along with a request to help me. Four months later on the day President Trump left office I received a non-sense, evasive reply not from the DOJ, not from the FBI, but from the Army, the same agency that had, and continues to persecute me and my family to this day. The purposely delayed letter falsely references President Trump as addressee while evading a truthful reply.

The circumstances involved with the whistle blowing in which the DOJ, FBI, and DOD was hidden from President Trump and his staff the entire Trump presidency.

Read Attachment 31 here: https://hiddenfederalwhistleblower.com/uploads/Attachment-31-Whistle-blowing-details-1.pdf

I live in a Blue State.

No one in authority will help me. I have contacted my Democratic Congressman Case and Senator Schatz. Sen. Case will not answer me. An aid for Sen. Schatz stated (quote) “the FBI doesn’t listen at us.”. Hawaii State Attorney General Lopez chose to ignore my plea for accountability . I presented evidence proving city police misconduct to Honolulu Mayor Blangiardi. After proving misconduct my members in his police department I respectfully requested he have his police chief to complete tasks not done to help me. After an initial reply and a follow up after I exposed an untrue explanation by HPD, the Mayor referred me back to HPD ignoring my request for intervention. Content in website links posted here address all these events and more. At the Deep State level, the DOJ, DOD, and US Army are involved first, by having failed to answer my September 3, 2020 whistle blower and cyber crime letter asking why the FBI failed to respond to my IC3 cyber crime complaints, second by colluding interagency to ensure I received a non-answer from the federal agency the whistle was blown against, the US Army, All concerned know of, allow, or facilitate the constant cyber attacks against me.

Throughout the attacks, regardless of the evidence presented, the FBI won't answer any of my nearly 25 IC3 cyber crime complaints filed since 2016.

The FBI is keeping the federal whistle blowing matters silent and hidden. The FBI has been, and continues to allow the cyber attacks against me to continue unabated. To cover for the FBI, HPD purposely ignored, then closed 36 cyber crime victim statements I submitted since August 2016 through July 2022. This deceit was perpetrated to keep the whistle blowing matter silent and to avoid a formal cyber crime referral to the FBI.

Had I not, with help from Almighty God, fought through all the Army cyber attacks and purposeful disinterest from the FBI and HPD for the past 7 years, I would not be able to publish this information and expose the acts taken to hide the whistle blowing and the cyber attacks I receive.

Doing so has come at great personal and professional cost to me. I’ve been able to stay online only by having my hacked computers repaired over and over and over again and purchased upgraded network protection at major effort and expense.

The Army cyber criminals destroyed my computer-based commercial photography business and my wife’s online cosmetic supply standup years ago.

We’ve stayed financially solvent by taking out four home equity loans since the hacking started. The desire of the FBI, the Army cyber criminals and the HPD/CID is for me to run out of money to pay for computer repair and protection and be knocked offline permanently so what has happened to me and others is never exposed.

The cyber attacks against me continue unabated while those in law enforcement and others clearly know the truth. The cyber criminals disable my Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to so they can stalk me online. They intercept and block emails and phone calls. They constantly attack my network trying to disable all my devices to prevent me from going online. I’ve informed law enforcement at all levels but they will do nothing to stop the cyber crimes. No attorney here will represent me.

Evidence supporting all my claims are here:


Latest Updates


I urgently need: 
            A civil rights attorney to pursue justice for the cyber crimes
            A reporter to expose the facts
            Honest law enforcement action
            Prayer, prayer, and more prayer

Please expose this. Please hold the perpetrators accountable.  Please help me.

When you tear out a man’s tongue you’re not proving him a liar.
You’re telling the world you fear what he has to say…”
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